Friday, April 30, 2010

Family Reading "The Hedge Of Thorns"

Last night we just got finished reading a book that we have read several times as a family, the book, "The Hedge of Thorns" published by Lamplighter Publishing based on the true story of John Carroll written back in 1611. It is an absolute must read, re-read and re-read for the entire family!  It is a small book that can be read in a couple of settings, it is handsomely bound and is a great addition to the family library.  It teaches on the Providence of God in the midst of suffering, sickness & affliction and how we are to trust in God's care and kindness over our lives as He does put "hedges" in our lives for our own ultimate good.  Below is the publisher's description:

"Based on a true story, here is a gripping account of a young boy who learns the hard way that the choices we make can harm those we love the most. Because he desperately wants to know what is on the other side of a hedge of thorns, he puts his little sister in great danger. From his experience, we learn that God places boundaries in our lives because He loves us. "