Thursday, July 29, 2010

Randy Alcorn on "Earning Rewards"

Hey folks,

Here is a very helpful article I ran across from Randy Alcorn's ministry "Eternal Perspectives Ministries" on the question, "Can we really earn eternal rewards?"  I have to confess, studying the topic of "rewards" is a new one for me, as it might be for many of you.  Very clearly laid out, while also very challenging as well.  Enjoy!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Revolutionaries and Plodding Visionaries

Today I had the privilege of talking with two godly men who are church planters in this city - one, an inner city pastor and the other a Hispanic pastor.  What I respect about them even at their beginnings is that they are not seeking to be "the next biggest thing" in Kansas City - - instead, they are seeking to be faithful preachers of the gospel calling the lost to Christ.  They are not seeking to be hip, trendy or revolutionary - they are "simple men" (I say that as a fellow simple man, with the deepest of respect) seeking to open their Bibles and to call people to love Jesus with their whole hearts!  In a day where so much is written on how to be a pastor and what someone is suppose to do in order to be relevant and "transformational" in our culture, it is so refreshing to see men committed to being visionaries to labor for the gospel!  Read this link by C.J. Mahaney on this topic it is very encouraging!  (It was sent to me by my loving wife who is "plodding" along with me, to encourage my heart!  Thank you sweetie!)  Jason and Mario, you guys are my heroes!  Thank you for loving the gospel and loving His people!