Thursday, February 26, 2009

12 year old girl's speech on the topic of abortion.

Wow folks, 400,000 hits and counting! Watch this compelling speech given by a 12 year old girl at a public school debate on the topic of abortion. Outstanding!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

"Old Earth" vs. "Young Earth" and suggestions on how to disagree

As I have studied the book of Genesis and many of the issues that surround it there have been some conflicts on how many faithful godly Christians view how old the earth is. Questions are often asked, "Is this 6 literal days of creation? Is this 6 epochs? Is this a literary device Moses is using to display God's creative power in creation?" As I have studied I have come across young earth folks who believe they can state (almost to the year) the creation of the earth as being almost just at 4,004 B.C. by looking at the genealogies and counting the years and so forth (not taking into account the purposes of the genealogies and how there are specific and purposeful gaps in them to communicate not only relation to people, but a theological message as well.) I have also found Christians who are "old earth" folks who believe the earth is about 4.5 billion years old, but who do not affirm evolution and see it as a biblically incompatible worldview with Biblical Christianity...of which men like Dr. R.C. Sproul (of whom we love and highly respect) believed for many years, prior to about 3-4 years ago. In my study, I also came across other believers who, like Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church and the Acts 29 Network who believe in an "old earth" while affirming a literal 6 days (24 hour day) approach to Genesis.
SO WHAT ARE WE TO THINK OF THIS? Although I do find myself in the younger earth camp, who believes Moses is speaking about a literal 6 days of creation - where I do part ways is with what would seem to be the demeanor of some folks (who share my position) in how they look might view men like a "pre-4 years ago" Sproul or a Mark Driscoll. Below are some links to help you not only go through the biblical text but also are instructive in the demenaor of how they do disagree and so forth. I trust this will be a great starting place to study these issues...

  • Top of the list - Dr. Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology - the chapter on creation is absolutely outstanding! Grudem is a 6 literal day-er (don't you love labels?), but how he views those within biblical Christianity, who do have different interpretations is wonderful! I only wish I could disagree with folks as graciously, lovingly and caringly as he has done here.

  • Also top of the list - would be the lengthy discussion found in the ESV Study Bible introductory notes to the book of Genesis (specifically the sections on "Genesis and History" and "Genesis and Science."

  • Third Millennium's article entitled, "Young Earth vs. Old Earth" - it is short, but well laid out and again the tone and demeanor is one that should accompany such a discussion.

  • CARM (Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry) has a great discussion between someone talking about evolution and Matt Slick's response - again on this one, it is not just what is said, but how it is said. And likewise Matt's explanation of how important it is to understand what "genre" of literature you are reading when you are attempting to interpret. (Ex: poetry can be taken "literally" as poetry and all the rules that govern poetry). Very helpful! This article is entitled, "The Bible Can't Be Taken Literally" (don't let the title throw you...)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

When & How Did The Universe Begin?

Hey folks, as we are going through our series in Genesis from time to time I will pass on to you some videos and links on apologetics. Here is a great video speaking to popular evolutionary theory, by Dr. William Lane Craig

Thursday, February 19, 2009

"When Sinners Say I Do" by Dave Harvey

On the subject of marriage and good books to read - here is a great one for couples to go through together. Our Care Group and Ministry Team leaders have been going through this book as a guideline for our discussions in the past year and it is such a great "tool" to drive us back into Scripture that drives us to the gospel, that is our only hope in salvation and transformation. Here is a book review on Challies' blog/website.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Devotional Plan For Husbands Desiring To Grow Closer To Christ & Closer To Their Brides

Hey guys,

On this theme of growing as men in our vocation (meaning, our calling from God) as husbands, I want to introduce to you (and for some reacquaint) to "The Exemplary Husband" by Stuart Scott. For our men's ministry, several years ago we went through this book together and it is both a great instruction in the biblical role of husband, but it also draws the reader to see, desire and need Christ more and more. In many ways, this is a "systematic theology" (you will see what I mean when you look to the table of contents) on a husband's role, goal and passion. From the outset one sees that Dr. Scott is not leading us to mere moralism. Instead, he is leading us to see, worship and follow "THE" Exemplary Husband - Christ Himself. I would encourage you that if you are looking for some devotional material that will draw you closer to Christ and closer to your bride - get this book and read it slowly, prayerfully with a focus on applying. Enjoy!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time to apply...if you haven't already!

Hey guys,

It's Valentine's Day...and if you haven't done so already, it is time to "apply" what we talked about in our last "Invest" Men's Discipleship Group from 1 Peter 3 where we encouraged one another to "walk with our wives in an understanding way." Just as a case in point...ignoring "Valentine's Day" - the one day that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE, Christian and non-Christian alike take time out to celebrate the importance of marital ignore such a let such a day pass without meaningful, purposeful encouragement...well...let me just say...this isn't walking with your wife in an understanding way. Go and apply my friend! If you haven't yet, and the schedules (for a multitude of reasons are full) take some time today to express your love, honor, and respect for your bride...and plan out some date nights this week! On those date nights, I would encourage you to get out your calendars and plan 1 - at least one - overnighter get away for the two of you in the next couple of months. It doesn't have to be expensive...the Chateau Avalon here in KC is very inexpensive for a great overnighter! Make your reservations and plans today! Likewise click on this resource on our church's website "101 Ways To Love Your Wife" Let's start applying! ((Oh...if a wife happens to be reading this is completely acceptable and right to forward this on to your husband!))

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The 200th Anniversary Of The Birthday Of Charles Darwin

Today marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin. In the link below is a treasure chest of articles by Dr. Albert Mohler and others on Darwinism and its affect on society at large.