Saturday, February 14, 2009

Time to apply...if you haven't already!

Hey guys,

It's Valentine's Day...and if you haven't done so already, it is time to "apply" what we talked about in our last "Invest" Men's Discipleship Group from 1 Peter 3 where we encouraged one another to "walk with our wives in an understanding way." Just as a case in point...ignoring "Valentine's Day" - the one day that EVERYONE EVERYWHERE, Christian and non-Christian alike take time out to celebrate the importance of marital ignore such a let such a day pass without meaningful, purposeful encouragement...well...let me just say...this isn't walking with your wife in an understanding way. Go and apply my friend! If you haven't yet, and the schedules (for a multitude of reasons are full) take some time today to express your love, honor, and respect for your bride...and plan out some date nights this week! On those date nights, I would encourage you to get out your calendars and plan 1 - at least one - overnighter get away for the two of you in the next couple of months. It doesn't have to be expensive...the Chateau Avalon here in KC is very inexpensive for a great overnighter! Make your reservations and plans today! Likewise click on this resource on our church's website "101 Ways To Love Your Wife" Let's start applying! ((Oh...if a wife happens to be reading this is completely acceptable and right to forward this on to your husband!))

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