Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Christ and Culture: Mark Dever On "Redeeming The Culture"

Dear friends, I wanted to post this video link interview with Dr. Mark Dever because in this he addresses a very popular concept in modern mission discussions over the concept of "redeeming the culture." His nuances and insights are very helpful and I believe very much so right on concerning this concept of how we as believers are to think about and engage culture. He like many others have found themselves uneasy about the very well intentioned and commendable brothers who have been seeking to "redeem the culture" - meaning seeking to see real transformation take place in our cities. We need to care for the poor, we need to be agents of change in social and political context - however, is this "the gospel"? Is it a reflection of the gospel? Most certainly. However tied to some of the "missional"/"redeeming the culture" talk would be ideas and language that seems to reflect more on the changing of "social structures" - and that being the "gospel." Listen to what Dr. Dever has to say. It is very insightful, especially in his concerns - and look for the nuances he gives, as they are very insightful and helpful in sharpening our thinking on this issue.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Vacationing For The Glory Of God

Hey Dads,

Planning your next family vacation? Check out this link from CJ's blog on how we can grow in intentional vacation planning! Trust it will serve you as you seek to serve your family! Take care,


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

When Do I Bring An "Observation"?

"I AM OFFENDED!!!" and so our hearts cry out! Someone has done something to you and whether they know it or not...you are now, "offended." And then a lingering question comes to us, "In a relationship when do I go to that person to let them know how I have been offended against them? When do I overlook? When do I go to them?" If you have ever found yourself in this situation, let me say to you, you are not alone! We have all experienced this. With this...I want to draw your attention to two outstanding messages on this topic, by Dr. Dave Harvey entitled, "The Surgeon, The Scalpel & The Saint In Sin." Dave helps us see other people's offenses against us both in light of the gospel - and likewise gives us very specific and helpful application of the gospel's message. Please listen to this message - you will be glad for the wisdom you will gain by doing so. Take care - MH

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Peacemaker Seminar - Day 1 was a blast!

Hey folks,

What a wonderful time last Sunday was! As Anna and I were driving home at the end of the day, we were just couldn't help but recount many of the expressions of God's grace that filled the day. The many conversations that were had, Ken Sande's first message on "Conflict Is An Opportunity," and then the wonderful time the kids had at the "Young Peacemaker" Vacation Bible School - all of it was incredible! I would encourage you, that if you weren't able to make it to the first session, please make every opportunity to come in the following weeks. On Sunday morning, I will be teaching more on some of the things that are brought out in the Peacemaker Seminar; then on Sunday evenings starting, promptly at 6pm - our children are going through the Young Peacemaker, while we go through the Peacemaker Videos as adults. For more information on Peacemaker Ministries log on to www.peacemaker.net

This next week we are going to be talking about "Living At Peace With One Another" - I would encourage you please come and benefit from Mr. Sande's great teaching. Take care,