Sunday, August 8, 2010

"God Is Our Treasure" Sermon Series

For the last several weeks we have been going through a series on how to view money and possessions in light of eternity.  This has been such a wonderfully challenging series as we have begun to view these these through the lens of Scripture...follow this link if you would like to listen to any of these messages.  The first message touches on the topic of contentment, the calling to live a modest life and the cultivation of a lifestyle of generosity.  The second message is on God's ownership.  And then the 3rd message being on the issue of tithing, answering the question if this is something that we as New Testament believers ought to do. 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Friday, August 6, 2010

Don Carson's 14 part series on "The God Who Is There" for free from Monergism!

With the generous permission of The Gospel Coalition, Monergism Books is giving away for free this incredible seminar by Don Carson.  

From The Gospel Coalition blog: On February 20-21 and 27-28, 2009, Don Carson presented a 14-part seminar entitled "The God Who Is There" at Bethlehem Baptist Church's North Campus in Minneapolis. This series will serve the church well because it simultaneously evangelizes non-Christians and edifies Christians by explaining the Bible's storyline in a non-reductionistic way.

The series is geared toward "seekers" and articulates Christianity in a way that causes hearers either to reject or embrace the gospel. It's one thing to know the Bible's storyline, but it's another to know one's role in God's ongoing story of redemption. "The God Who Is There" engages people at the worldview-level.

Click here to download!