Friday, October 10, 2008

Biblical Manhood & Biblical Womanhood And The 2008 Elections

Dear friends,

Once again it is so very very helpful to know that Scripture addresses every area of our lives - and so it does concerning our calling to civic/political & social issues in the nation that God has sovereignly placed us in. As it is with any political season, issues get raised that call us to ask fundamental theological questions. During this present 2008 Presidential Election - issues of gender have once again come to the forefront with the nomination of Sarah Palin as McCain's choice of Vice President and running mate.

There is a question for some who might want to vote for the Republican ticket, how does the idea woman taking a place of political leadership square with a theological understanding of male headship in the home and in the church - which is called "Complementatrianism"? (Big word - I know). This is a view that says, "Though God has created male and female equal before Him - He has given them different functions and roles in the home and in the church that "complement" one another. And by seeing, identifying, walking in and celebrating those God given differences of roles and functions in the home and in the church this is something that brings glory to God, as He has defined these roles in the Creation story (prior to the Fall)."

But what about political and governmental roles? How does Scripture speak to this? On this issue, we are once again so very, very thankful for the faithful Biblical scholarship seen through "The Council of Biblical Manhood and Womanhood" founded by Dr. John Piper and Dr. Wayne Grudem. Linked here are at least three different posts on how Christians who vote republican might view this issue.

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