Friday, January 9, 2009

Our Calling As Men

There is oftentimes much confusion as to what does it mean to be and walk as a man. We live in a day where many young men (as well as many older men) are confused as to what they are to be doing with their lives. We have a generation of young men who are stuck in what many sociologists would be called, a "delayed adolescence." I think this is directly tied to a foggy and unbiblical understand of what it means to be a man as Scripture defines this for us. In the attached link to Southern Seminary's magazine Dr. Albert Mohler take us to God's word to help focus our attention on God's purpose for our lives as men. God in His kindness as our Father has shown us what our roles are to be - may we not be confused, but instead rejoicing in our calling to walk as biblically faithful men of God. Take care & enjoy this issue!

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