Friday, January 8, 2010

Brit Hume: Proclaiming The Need For Accepting Jesus Christ As One's Savior On Fox News

Folks this is simply outstanding! Never have I heard a news reporter of such standing as Brit Hume proclaim Christ with such clarity. Here is a link to WORLD Magazine... and there you can read not only their commentary on the events but also watch Brit's unashamed, yet compassionate call for men like Tiger Woods to find their hope in Christ. The article also tells briefly of how Brit came from being "a nominal Christian" (his words) to true saving faith in Jesus Christ. In these segments, Hume clearly states that Buddhism, which would be Tiger's professed religion, does not offer the forgiveness and reconciliation that Tiger Woods needs. Here you can see the original video as well as his commentary with Bill O'Reilly on those comments as well. MUST SEE! OUTSTANDING!!!

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